Filipe Faísca is a Portuguese designer who has an instinctive flair for interconnecting reality, fantasy and simplicity through fashion design.


Filipe Faísca 2015/2016 Fall Darling Collection  and 2015 Spring/Summer Call Center Collection. Photo by Rui Vasco / Courtesy of Moda Lisboa

Man can neither live without fantasy nor be abstracted from reality. Filipe Faísca understands this premise as much as he intuitively perceives the language of the objects, the inner messages of the materials (cotton, linen, cupro or silk) concerning their transmutation, so as to emphasise women’s energy and emotions.


Filipe Faísca 2015/2016 Fall Darling Collection. Photo by Rui Vasco / Courtesy of Moda Lisboa

His 2015/2016 Fall Darling Collection is composed by white coats, dresses and a shirt-dress adorned with printed drawings made by children. It is not only the innocent fantasy of children that Filipe Faísca wanted to incorporate in his contemporary designs, but also the strength and positivity of those fragile human beings who from an early age have been fighting against cancer to survive: “Everything you’ve been through you survived, who is going to stop you from becoming stronger and yourself?! NOBODY, just go with the flow! Loving Life, and never say No”[i].This is the inner message of the collection.


Filipe Faísca 2015/2016 Fall Darling Collection. Photo by Rui Vasco / Courtesy of Moda Lisboa

 30% of each piece of clothing sale is donated to Fundação Rui Osório de Castro which has as a mission to “inform and enlighten parents, children and friends about issues related to pediatric oncology, helping them to better accept and live with the disease, and contribute to the advancement of scientific research in this area”.[ii]

The idea for his 2015 Spring/Summer Collection was taken from the artistic installation of Joana Vasconcelos: Call Center.  Its presentation was aesthetically coherent and beautiful. It also acted as a reminder of the overwhelming force of communication and information in manipulating and molding the human psyche.

Filipe Faísca, Joana Vasconcelos and model Sofia Aparício interacting with the Call Center. Photo by Rui Vasco / Courtesy of Moda Lisboa

The article ‘Filipe Faísca and Joana Vasconcelos’ Call Center: A Partnership of Art and Fashion to Express a Message against Manipulative Information’ focuses on this artistic partnership between the designer and the artist in order to emphasise a vision of a woman, who despite her constraints, is a symbol of world liberation and an agent of effective change in a society consumed by the dehumanised excess of information.  


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