Fashion Law – When fashion meets fundamental rights (FL-WFMFR) is an original idea of Lígia Carvalho Abreu, the first fashion editorial project with peer review, online since April 2/2015, that aims to analyse fashion creativity, with its literary and artistic references, and industry from a civil, personal, economic and social rights' perspective. Its scope is to show how creative fashion can be regarded within the framework of fundamental rights. Therefore, the goal of FL-WFMFR is not to dictate or to analyse fashion trends, colours, cuts, what is in or out from each season. It does not present an analysis of the ephemeral part of fashion, but rather a testimony of a fashion that remains in time as an expression of cultural language and human creativity inherent to the evolution of society towards sustainable development.

The content of the website obeys to an editorial format which is comprised of new and short articles each month.

This project is based on the right to freedom of expression and artistic creativity from the author and her collaborators. It is protected by intellectual property rights and respects other intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Rights of the Author and the Collaborators of FL-WFMFR

All the content from the website made by Lígia Carvalho Abreu and her collaborators (hereafter referred also as We and Our), on the use of their freedom of expression, including the name Fashion Law – When Fashion Meets Fundamental Rights (FL-WFMFR), is protected by intellectual property rights and belongs to the project FL-WFMFR. You can share an entire article on social networks but only with the author’s identification and with a reference to FL-WFMFR. You cannot share an individual illustration without the article, because the former was made to support the analysis of the article and should not be included in another context without our consent. For any other use you must have our prior written consent.

Intellectual Property Rights of Other Authors

Some photos or other artistic work, courtesy of the author where mentioned appear on this website with the authorisation of the authors, designers or companies who are the owners of the intellectual property rights over the mentioned photo or other artistic work. These types of work appear on this website to support the analysis of the articles (criticism, review, non-commercial purpose). For any use of this content, which is not an exception to copyright, please contact their authors for consent.

Some illustrations made by the authors and their collaborators may have some elements inspired by products from fashion brands and designers. They are identified as the source of our inspiration. Those illustrations are our homages to those brands and designers and appear on this Website to support the analysis of the articles, on the basis of a fair use/fair dealing (criticism and review).