“A profitable fashion business can be compatible with the respect for fundamental rights”
Lígia Carvalho Abreu at the 6Th Fashion Global Conference, Mansfield College, Oxford University. 


Lígia Carvalho Abreu is a Portuguese university professor and legal adviser in Constitutional Law, International Environmental Law and Intellectual Property Law. She holds a PhD in law from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). With a long time interest and knowledge in fashion design, she began studying her expertise in those fields of law within the context of sustainable and ethical fashion business. From her studies she created the first legal project that aims to analyse the role of fundamental rights in fashion: Fashion Law - When Fashion meets Fundamental Rights (FL-WFMFR). She is also the editor-in-chief and author of some of the photos and illustrations on this website.

The Collaborators

Catarina Pinto is a Portuguese graphic designer who works in the fashion industry as an illustrator. She holds a BA in graphic design from the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA-Portugal). She has presented her colourful illustrations in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as in books. She is the author, along with Lígia Carvalho Abreu, of the illustrations presented on the project website. 


Jon Bagt is a freelance writer who has also a degree in Law. He collaborates with Fashion Law- WFMFR and he also writes on his own philosophic and literary website http://www.jonbagt.com/.


Pamela Echeverria, in an attorney graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and Industrial Property Agent (INPI). She is the President of the Fashion Law Institute Argentina and is the Director of the first Argentinian blog on Fashion Law, called “Derecho de la Moda” (www.derechodelamoda.com.ar). She has co-coordinated with Susy Bello Knoll the first fashion law book written in Spanish, called “Derecho y Moda”. On early April 2015, she participated as a speaker in the Annual Symposium of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University in New York City, and talk about intellectual property in the Fashion industry. She collaborates with Fashion Law-WFMFR.  

Susy Bello Knoll is an Argentinian Lawyer, a Public Accountant and a University Professor. She has expertise in Fashion Law and is also the Vice- President of the Fashion Law Institute in Argentina. She holds a Phd in Law from the University of Salamanca.

Quiara Da Silva was born and raised in London. She holds a Degree in Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Languages from the University of Leeds. She is responsible for communication on this project. 

António Bernardini is a Brazilian graphic designer who is  the President of Atlas Violeta, a cultural Association which aims to promote the work of artists from lusophone countries. He is responsible for communication on this project.