Interview with Alfredo Orobio

An interview with Alfredo Orobio, founder of Away To Mars, about a global community of creativity, the challenges faced by young designers regarding production, the need to create an innovative, inclusive fashion system...

Recognition and Applicable Law to Protect Fashion Designs by Copyright

Recognition of fashion designs as artistic works and applicable law in case of conflict resolution.

Interview with Dino Alves

According to Dino Alves, fashion creation is an expression of mentalities and behaviours, a craft of art and freedom. In addition to his main brand, Dino Alves is also the author of sustainable fashion projects.

Right to Image and Other Personality Rights

Models and there Right of Image: personality right connected to the development of human personality and psychological integrity

Amorphous Manifesto

We are witnessing a growing modern slavery, both faceless and consented. Attending to the interests of major companies of the textile branch, underlies the hypocritical low price campaign that subsequently crush human rights.

Fashion and the Rights of Indigenous and Local Communities

Osklen with the Asháninka, Auá with the Ye’kwana and Maxakali and Alexandra Moura with the Maçainhas community are some of the fashion design experiences concerning the protection of the rights of the indigenous people and local communities.